Monday, January 13, 2020


Agenda for Rusk Dems Meeting of January 16, 2020

1) Approval of the minutes of our last regular meeting, October 17, 2019—Linda Detra
or Anita Dearhamer.  Discussion of who receives minutes—Jim Kurz

2) Treasurer’s Report and discussion—Tom Ralston

3) Elections coming up:  House of Representatives Primary—2/18/20; Presidential Primary—April 7; 7th CD final election—5/12/20—Nancy Kraft

4) Meetings coming up: Leadership Team phone call of January 14 (email or call me if you want to
be on that call); County Chair meeting at the Dells, 2/28-2/29, 2020; Winter Retreat Feb. 29 and March 1.  (?)

5) Banners at the Toad House—Jim Kurz

6)  How can we best support democratic candidates this year?--Chrysa

7) State-wide efforts to help elect democrats—Chrysa

8) Referendum and education on fair maps for redistricting—Chrysa, Nancy, Linda, Anita

9)  Discussion of the forum interviewing Democratic candidates running for the 7th District Congressional Seat in Rice Lake the night before.

10) Do we have a candidate for the 87th State Assembly seat versus Jimmy Edming?

11)  Membership Renewal—Jim Kurz

12) Local office rental during campaign.

13)  Reminder:  Governor Evers address January 22, 2020.